About us


                          Carryout Valet is a Wichita, KS locally owned and operated food and grocery delivery service provider.
Carryout Valet was born with the need to give customers an alternative to Pizza delivery and an opportunity to try a variety of
cuisine that can be delivered to their door in a timely fashion. That is why we partner with the best restaurants
in town to bring your favorite meals to your house, office, or events. And if your favorite restaurants are not part of our
partner list yet, we still give you the option to have their foods delivered to you through our "order from a non-partner restaurant"
At Carryout Valet, we understand you have newborn(s) and don't want to leave them for a second, or take them out to a
restaurant yet, or you work all day and don't have the time and energy to shop for groceries and/or cook. We will be your
carryout valet for that by shopping and delivering your groceries to you. We work with a team of professional, dedicated, and
customer focused grocery shoppers and drivers to provide you with a personalized experience and a very convenient delivery
service. When you shop with Carryout Valet, you have a piece of mind knowing that your information is always protected and
secured with our SSL encryption.
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Carryout Valet a personalized food and grocery delivery experience.