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I leave in a different city. Can I submit a delivery request for loved ones in Wichita?

Definitely yes. We frequently get these requests for food and grocery deliveries.
For such cases, we encourage the requester to provide both their phone number and email(alternate contact) as well the end customer phone number in case we have questions or need to confirm the order details.
Once the delivery is completed, we send a confirmation message to the requester.

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What is convenience fee?

A convenience fee is a charge incurred for the privilege of paying for something with a payment method that would normally not be used for such a product or service.

In most cases when you order thru us we pay for your order upfront and you pay us at delivery time. Convenience fee is also used toward credit card transaction fee we pay to secure payment gateways.

A secure payment gateway is an e-commerce application service provider service that authorizes secured credit card payments for e-businesses, online retailers.


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Can I cancel my grocery shopping request?

We allow our customer to cancel their grocery shopping request 1 hour before the delivery time.
To cancel a grocery shopping request, reply to the same email address you received the confirmation message from after you submitted the request.

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Can I add, remove items from my grocery shopping list once submitted?

Yes. We usually allow a 45 minute window before the delivery time where you can add, remove items from your delivery request.
The best way to add new items or remove items from your shopping list is to reply to the same email address you have received the delivery confirmation message from.

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How do I pay for grocery shopping?

Grocery shopping are paid for at delivery time.
The total due is made up of:

  1. the grocery store receipt total
  2. the delivery fee. See grocery delivery fee
  3. 10% convenience which is 10% of the grocery store receipt total.