No Contact Delivery


At Carryoutvalet, LLC, your safety and the safety of our delivery drivers is our priority.
That is why all our deliveries are now contactless.
How does that work?
First, we have reduced and in some cases eliminated all in person cash and card payments.
At delivery time a protective mask wearing delivery person will
      1. place your delivery on your from porch, door mat, patio table, patio chair, or any clean surface you may specify in the delivery instruction box.
      2. ring your bell or call the phone number you provided at checkout
      3. Move to a 6 ft safe distance and wait for you to pick up your food.
Please help us keep everyone safe by:
      a. using the optional tipping feature at checkout time.
      b. allowing our delivery person to move to a 6 ft safe distance before collecting your food.

Stay safe and don't forget to follow all social distancing rules.