Non-partner Restaurants


How it works

The below delivery request form allows you to submit a food "pickup and delivery" request in case you couldn't find a desired restaurant in our Partner Restaurant list .

Note: Every non-partner restaurant has control over the time of day a particular food item is made available. When using the below delivery request form, we recommend you call the restaurant and place a carryout order first, then submit a "pickup and delivery" request.

1.  Delivery address
2. Restaurant and order details
     a. Specify food item(s) to be picked up
     b. Specify soft drink(s) to be picked up (if applicable)
     c. Specify whether or not this order is already paid for
3. Delivery time and payment method
     a. Select a delivery time
     b. Select a payment method (Cash, Card only. No checks)
Note: You can pay at delivery time. Each of our drivers is equipped with a card reader that enables him/her to take payment on their smartphone.

Delivery Hours

Days Delivery Hours
Monday to Friday 12 PM to 1:30PM & 5 PM to 9 PM
Saturday 11 AM to 9 PM
Sunday 12 PM to 9 PM

Cities in Kansas we currently deliver to & delivery fees

* Smartphone users, touch and hold down the inside of the below table to scroll left and right.

Cities Delivery fees
Wichita $8.99 + 10% of food receipt
Valley Center $11.99 + 10% of food receipt
Park City $10.99 + 10% of food receipt
Mulvane $9.99 + 10% of food receipt
Maize $11.99 + 10% of food receipt
Kechi $10.99 + 10% of food receipt
Haysville $11.99 + 10% of food receipt
Derby $10.99 + 10% of food receipt
Benton $10.99 + 10% of food receipt
Bel Aire $9.99 + 10% of food receipt
Augusta $10.99 + 10% of food receipt
Andover $9.99 + 10% of food receipt

Note: Effective February 1st, 2018 all non-partner delivery requests will be pick up and delivery only. Please call the restaurant ahead and place your order before submitting the below pick and delivery request.


* Smartphone/Tablet users, If you don't see the delivery request submission form below, please clear your browser's cache and try again.


We look forward to serving you again